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The Child Support Directors Association (CSDA) strives to provide timely and accurate information about the child support program to child support customers, staff and employers. The following are links to the outreach information we provide.


2015 Child Support Policy Symposium


March 4, 2015

Hilton Sacramento Arden West

2200 Harvard Street

Sacramento, CA 95815

Face of Child Support

a day in the life...

The potential of the individual, the strength of the family, and the prosperity of our communities increases when we improve the lives of children.
The Child Support Directors Association of California captured a day in the life of the California child support program. This report chronicles some of the day to day activities and stories of the families we serve and a snapshot of the work that child support professionals carryout throughout the year.
Click here to download a free copy of this publication.

CSDA has developed a companion Face of Child Support Publication Presentation suitable for local presentations. It will provide a condensed overview of the publication and will be customizable to the local child support agency.

Lobby Video

This video entitled "What Can Child Support Do For You" has been created by the CSDA Video Production Committee. This video was created using stock video footage from the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department. To view this video, go to the Child Support: What You Need to Know page of our website.
A copy of the DVD has been mailed to each LCSA Director for use within the county. If additional copies or a .wmv file version are needed, please contact Megan Greene.
For individuals interested in reading the script for this video, we have attached the English and Spanish versionsParenting Video



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A IV-D reference guide for attorneys

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