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Child Support Awareness Month

August is Child Support Awareness Month

The California Department of Child Support Services is excited to announce that August is child support awareness month!

2014 News Release

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Did you know............

-   Over 1.2 million children receive child support services in California.
-   California collected over 2.3 billion dollars on behalf of children and    families in  
     Federal Fiscal Year 2011.
-   Nationwide, one in four children receive child support services. 
-   Child support is the second largest source of income for families receiving it.

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Have you fallen behind in your child support payments? Have your work hours been cut or are you unemployed? If so, call 1-866-901-3212 or stop by your local child support office to seek a modification, obtain a repayment plan, or determine if you qualify for the Compromise of Arrears Program. We are here to help.


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